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pernewood plants

Temperate gravel area

This circular bed can be a stand alone feature or as an alternative to a lawn and has a 3 metre diameter (clearly this could be easily adapted to suit individual needs).The gravel should be underlaid with a permeable membrane to help supress any weeds and provide good drainage. Simply lay out the memberane and cut crosses through which you can plant your selected plants (slightly higher in the ground than usual) before laying out the gravel.


 A            Verbascum 'Cotswold Queen' x 4


B             Sedum 'Ruby Glow' x 3


C             Salvia 'Rose Queen' x3


D             Euphorbia myrsinites x 3


E              Alchemilla mollis x4


F              Salvia officinalis 'Purpurascens' x 3


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