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Hardy Ferns

Despite their delicate appearance and often fine lacy foliage, ferns are largely robust and hardy plants that are easy to grow and require minimal intervention. The majority are shade or part shade loving and prefer damp soil, however, some such as the Polypodium family and Dryopteris filix-mas will happily tolerate drier conditions. Primarily ferns are grown for their textured foliage, utilised either as a backdrop for other shade-loving bulbs and plants or as part of a mixed fern scheme, where best use can be  made of the wide variety of forms and colours available.


After recent media coverage, the stumpery appears to be making a comeback as the latest must have garden feature in which to show off ferns (as well as lichens and mosses). Click here to see our stumpery Pinterest page for inspiration and further information. All you need is a shady corner and a few tree roots and stumps.  One thing is for sure, wherever the location, nothing beats the sight of their fresh, zingy, lime green fronds emerging from the woodland floor ready to delight for another season.