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Our bulbs are organised below according to their flowering season. As well as bulbs this section includes corms, rhizomes and tubers, all of which can be described as swollen, underground, food storage organs. There are bulbs to suit all designs and tastes from petite snowdrops rearing their heads in early spring to the robust summer flowering Alliums which can grow up to 2 metres tall.

Bulbs in the green

All of our bulbs are offered 'in the green'. Thus, the plants/bulbs are delivered in pots in the spring when the plants are growing, in flower or after flowering.

Bulbs 'in the green' should be planted out very soon after arrival. Upon receipt either plant them out in the garden (at the same level as they are in the pot) or place the plants (with or without the existing pot if you wish) into a terracotta or decorative planter and place in a suitable and sheltered position such outside the back door or on the patio. Once the flowers have faded and the leaves have died down (note it is important not to remove the leaves too early as it allows the leaves to feed energy back into the bulb), lift and separate the bulbs for planting out in the garden in a suitable position.