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Epimedium grand Purple Pixie

Epimedium grand Purple Pixie

Barrenwort, Bishop's Hat



Height x Spread: 0.1 to 0.5m x 0.1 to 0.5m

Position: full sun or partial shade

Soil: moist but well drained soil

Rate of growth: moderate

Flowering period: Spring

Hardiness: fully hardy


Epimediums are ideal ground cover plants for a moist woodland setting with their heart-shaped leaves which unfurl in spring with a rosy, marbled coloration that fades to green as summer approaches. The tiny, unusual flowers (Bishop’s Hats) are held above the previous seasons foliage on airy stems before the new leaves emerge. They are durable and long-lived, and can adapt to drier conditions once established, spreading slowly and steadily.


 'Purple Pixie' ' is a compact plant with bright green leaves, flushed bronze when young, and, in late spring and early summer, reddish-purple, wiry stems bearing purple to purple-pink flowers with prominent white spurs.





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